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2021 contributors

contributor spotlight: neil kimball

We are delighted to share these reflections from founding Arbor Circle Board Member and 2022 Spring Forward Honoree, Neil Kimball.

What brought you to Arbor Circle, and why have you stayed engaged over the years?

I initially joined the Board of the Child Guidance Clinic, which was seeking legal expertise and really hit me as a very worthy cause. I stayed on through the merger of the founding agencies, which resulted in a very strong and effective organization that is a real force for good in our West Michigan community. The incredible passion of the staff and the mission and results of the organization are what has really kept me connected.

What impact have you seen Arbor Circle make on our West Michigan community over the 25 years since it was formed?

Mental health and recovery services are needed now more than ever and the need continues to grow. Families and children are struggling and Arbor Circle continually strives to find the best ways to help them given the resources available. The Bridge program has provided a safe place for so many youth experiencing homelessness or youth who need a break or transition from a tough situation.

How might you encourage others to follow in your footsteps?

I have many friends from the Board and staff and always feel inspired by their passion and all the good they do for this community. It makes it very easy and rewarding to support Arbor Circle and to be a part of it! The demand for Arbor Circle’s services will likely always be great, so more monetary resources will be needed to meet that demand.

2021 contributors

Arbor Circle is grateful to our community for the gifts that allow us to positively impact lives through our work. We would like to offer a special thanks to those supporters who contributed to Arbor Circle at the Seeds of Support ($250) level or above during our 2021 fiscal year (October 2020 – September 2021):

What I liked most about Arbor Circle is that when I was in need most they were there for me, and helped me stay warm throughout the night when I barely knew them.

We’ve found something wonderful in sharing our lives with foster kids, and we are so glad that Arbor Circle has been there to guide us through it all.

I love that I can be honest and open with every difficult situation I face and receive positive feedback. I always feel welcome and comfortable. My recovery process has been so much easier with the help I receive here.

I like that this program gives me room to grow and learn as a parent and be therapeutic for my child.

The therapists and counselors at Arbor Circle have done an outstanding job at helping me stay focused and actively involved in my recovery.

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