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At Arbor Circle, we recognize the many systemic inequities and challenges faced by our neighbors throughout the West Michigan community. Below we have summarized a few of the most impactful advocacy areas related to our work.

medicaid rate for outpatient services

The Medicaid rate for Outpatient Services (like counseling) does not cover the cost of the service – as a result, providers often have to limit the number of clients with Medicaid to make sure they are able to cover their costs. This significantly impacts low income individuals and families, and specifically communities of color.

90% of Arbor Circle clients are 200% of the Federal Poverty Line (FPL) or less. This is a state level issue.

scarcity of childcare providers

There is a significant shortfall in the number of licensed childcare providers across the state of Michigan – this shortage, exacerbated by low wages and stressful conditions for providers, results in serious challenges for working caregivers seeking care.

According to Michigan’s Child Care Market Rates, April 2021 – 75% of Michigan’s children live in areas with limited access to licensed child care (3 or fewer children per slot). This is a state and county level issue.

community response to substance use

Our community’s response to substance use and the need for mental health services should not always be to incarcerate the individual. While appropriate in some cases, incarcerating individuals often causes more damage than the original offense, rippling through the individual’s family and beyond while increasing rates of recidivism (% of offenders who return to prison within three years of release).

According to Michigan Department of Corrections – In Michigan, the rate of recidivism is 26.6% – meaning more than a quarter of individuals released return within three years. This is a county level issue.


of Arbor Circle clients are 200% of the FPL or less


of Michigan's children live in areas with limited access to licensed child care (3 or fewer children per slot)


of individuals released from prison in Michigan return within three years

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Contact our Director of Community Engagement to learn more about Arbor Circle and how to advocate for individuals across our West Michigan community.

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