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Looking for a specific program? Select a letter below to view an alphabetical list of our programs and services. From adoption to substance use assessments information, you will find exactly what you need to address any issue.




If a child in foster care is unable to return to his or her birth parents, our adoption team works to place the child in a loving, permanent home. Our trained and compassionate staff are committed to considering every factor and issue that may impact a child’s placement for adoption.

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advocacy + prevention


We work with a variety of coalitions and community partners in order to best serve those in need. Our Advocacy Prevention team increases awareness on issues surrounding mental health, substance use, and family development by regularly presenting to professionals and community groups.

allegan/ottawa counties


The 2019 Fall season of TTQ will be here before we know it! Register now!

alternative behavioral choices (ABC)


The Alternative Behavioral Choices (ABC) program is a prevention program for at-risk youth, ages 10-17, who have had a first-time offense with the legal system, an episode of school suspension, expulsion or other problematic behaviors. Through group and family sessions, youth learn skills to help them manage emotions, improve decision making and problem solving, and better their communication and relationships.


bridge donate


Interested in volunteering or giving to The Bridge? We welcome individual and group volunteers and are grateful for annual gifts and donations. Learn more ways to get involved with Arbor Circle’s youth services here. You can also make an impact by fulfilling a need from our Wish List or purchasing items from The Bridge of Arbor Circle Amazon Wish List.

bridge eligibility requirements


General eligibility requirements include youth between the ages of 10-17, both male and female, and those who stay or reside within Kent, Ottawa, Montcalm, and Ionia Counties. Youth or their families are encouraged to call or walk-in at any time, and services are completely free.

bridge overview


Along with offering a variety of supportive programs, The Bridge helps connect youth to their peers, learn new skills, and find resources to reconnect with their families, schools and community. The program provides crisis shelter, counseling, case management, group support, youth activities and connections to other needed services. It also assists youth with meeting their basic needs, setting goals, building new life skills, and establishing connections with peers and mentors who can support them.


children + families


When a child or youth faces mental health or other challenges, it can impact many parts of his or her life— from school performance to behavior at home and in the community. Our team works alongside families as they face these challenges, often providing support individually and to the family as a whole.



TTQ runs during the fall and spring and is made possible by community members who dedicate their time to coaching and volunteering. Each year, more than 150 volunteer coaches are needed. You don’t have to be a runner to be a coach! If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

counseling services


Our counseling services guide individuals as they adapt and navigate their next steps toward greater well-being. Our team of highly-trained therapists can help individuals deal with a variety of concerns, including depression, anxiety, substance use, stress, anger, grief and loss, trauma, family relationship issues and more. Learn about our qualified team of therapists here.

court appointed special advocates (CASA) of ottawa county


Almost 700,000 children experience abuse or neglect each year. For us at Arbor Circle, it is a priority to give vulnerable children a voice and provide someone who will speak on their behalf. Through the support of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), children are given an opportunity to thrive in a safe and loving home.

CASA are trained volunteers who champion for children in foster care throughout the entire court process. Our team at Arbor Circle works to recruit, train, and support CASA volunteers in Ottawa County. Through weekly meetings with the child, our volunteers build a relationship to understand their needs. The CASA volunteer then compiles information from attorneys, social workers, parents, and school personnel to assess and make recommendations to the court regarding the child’s future.

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early childhood


When parents discover more strengths and skills to nurture their families, their children grow and thrive. Our Early Childhood services team partners with parents to build their skills, help them bond with their children, and create a sense of security in their family.


foster care


Foster care provides a temporary, nurturing home for children who are in the child welfare system due to abuse or neglect. Our foster care team advocates for the child’s safety and well-being, while working to reunite the child with his or her biological family or establish another permanent plan, such as adoption.

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foster care + adoption


At any given time, approximately 13,000 children in Michigan are in foster care. Our dedicated Child Welfare team works to prevent child abuse and neglect in our community, as well as advocate for children in need.


group counseling


We offer group counseling sessions to meet a range of needs, including specialized sessions for emotional wellness, conflict resolution, grief and loss, trauma and more. Our team of highly-qualified therapists and counselors are committed to helping children, teens and families discover new strengths and skills in the midst of tough times.

Many group counseling services at Arbor Circle are offered at convenient locations throughout the community and are free of charge. Others are covered by major insurances, including Medicaid.

Know someone who can benefit from group counseling? Please contact us and we can direct you to the appropriate group.


healthy families


Healthy Families gives expectant mothers and parents of young children under the age of 3 the support and encouragement they need to help their baby be healthier, safer, and better prepared for a lifetime of learning. Our in-home services assist children in meeting developmental milestones and accessing appropriate health care.

home-based services


Providing convenient support during vulnerable times, our home-based therapists work with children and their families right from the comfort of their own home. Services can include: culturally and developmentally appropriate assessments, personalized treatment planning, and individual and family therapy services for a range of mental health concerns.

homeless youth services


Our homeless youth services support young adults, ages 16-20, who are experiencing homelessness and/or are without safe and stable housing. Through counseling and other services, these young adults are engaged in a personalized process to understand their needs, build new skills, and identify and create a plan for achieving goals.

host home program


Arbor Circle’s Host Home Program is designed to address the housing needs of youth experiencing homelessness by connecting them with caring adults who are willing to provide safe housing and support. This community and volunteer-based approach is available to youth ages 18-20 who are seeking to increase stability in their housing. Learn more here.


in-jail services


We assist inmates in Allegan, Kent, and Newaygo County Correctional Facilities who have mental health or substance use concerns. Through counseling, case management and peer support, our goal is to give inmates the resources they need to re-enter society and start over upon release.

individual and family therapy


Our therapists work alongside individuals and families facing a variety of concerns, including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, family relationship issues, and more. No matter the crisis or personal struggle, we help clients recover, adapt, and navigate their next steps toward greater well-being.

infant & toddler development services


Our Infant and Toddler Development Services allow parents to learn more about themselves and their children, discover new ways to build relationships with their infants, and receive guidance for a variety of behavioral concerns and parental issues. These issues may include depression, anxiety, or fears, and can be addressed through counseling, case management, and more.


kent school services network (KSSN)


Kent School Services Network (KSSN) is a community-wide partnership that removes barriers to services by bringing health and human services into schools throughout Kent County. KSSN provides social and emotional support, as well as basic needs coordination to students and their families. Our Arbor Circle clinicians serve the following schools: Cedar Springs Public Schools, Burton Elementary and Middle School, Cesar Chavez Elementary, Southwest Community Campus, Westwood Middle School, and Kent Intermediate School District.

kent/muskegon counties


The 2019 Fall season of TTQ will be here before we know it! Register now!


newaygo county


The 2019 Fall season of TTQ will be here before we know it! Register now!

newaygo prevention services


Our Newaygo team works with local elementary, middle and high schools to offer prevention education to students.  We offer a variety of programming designed to help students respond to interpersonal difficulties and honor themselves. Our programs are evidence based and focus on improving students’ skills to empower them to make healthy choices. After participating in the programs, youth have shown improvements in their communication skills and behaviors, increase their self-awareness, establish positive relationships, understand personal and social responsibility, and decrease self-destructive behaviors.

The curricula we use in Newaygo includes the Botvin’s Life Skills Training and Prime For Life.

To request a program in your school contact us.

Total Trek Quest is offered in select Newaygo schools.

north county services


In partnership with North Kent Connect, we offer services for children, adults, and families in the Northern Kent County area who are facing mental health and substance use concerns.


ottawa substance use prevention (OSAP)


Arbor Circle coordinates with Ottawa Substance Use Prevention (OSAP), which works to create change regarding youth substance use in Ottawa County. OSAP consists of community members, human service professionals, businesses, law enforcement, government officials, schools and school personnel who are working together to create change regarding youth substance use. The coalition has a number of initiatives, subcommittees and task forces, including:

  • Building Resilient Youth (BRY): BRY is a suicide prevention committee. The mission of BRY is to build resilient youth and provide help for teens who are struggling with depression and suicide.
  • Reducing Ottawa Area Drunk Driving Taskforce (ROADD): ROADD works to prevent high-risk drinking and the consequences of drinking and driving in Ottawa County.
  • Quadrant-Based Subcommittees: Find your local quadrant subcommittee.


parent nurturing group


Our Parent Nurturing Group supports families with children in the foster care system as they work with foster care agencies to have their child return home. The program offers a structured series of parenting education and supervised parent-child activity time.

parenting classes


Becoming a strong family is fundamental, life-changing goal for parents and their children. We offer a range of parenting classes and workshops to strengthen parenting skills and bring families closer together.

Please note that parenting classes are only offered in Allegan, Muskegon and Ottawa counties.


recovery group counseling


We provide group services for those recovering from substance use. Groups include Intensive Outpatient Counseling (IOP), early recovery and relapse prevention, and more. Please call to learn more.

recovery group counseling


We provide outpatient group services for those recovering from substance use. Groups include Intensive Outpatient Counseling (IOP), early recovery and relapse prevention, and more. Please contact us to learn more.

recovery management


Recovery Management Services offers long-term support for individuals who have struggled with addiction. Through a combination of individual therapy, peer support and case management services, individuals develop skills and create the pathway to recovery that is best for them. Pregnant and parenting women are considered a priority for admission to treatment.

recovery services


Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is a lifelong journey that we support every step of the way. Services include advocacy, individual and family therapy, peer support, crisis intervention, and case management services. Pregnant and parenting women are a priority for admission to treatment services.


specialized family case management


We provide specialized family case management services for families with children who have a dual diagnosis of mental health concerns and developmental disabilities.

stop child abuse and neglect (SCAN)


Stop Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) is a community-based effort to prevent child abuse and neglect in Ottawa County through the Michigan Children’s Trust Fund. SCAN coordinates child abuse prevention efforts to ensure we work together as a community to protect children. Our team at Arbor Circle partners with SCAN to raise awareness of child abuse and advocate for children who are at risk of abuse or neglect. April is Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month. Watch our blog for highlights from SCAN’s partner agencies and see below for more resources for participating in Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month.

Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign

Pinwheels for Prevention Kickoff Event

Appreciate your Child CAP Month Calendar

Lansing State Wide Prevention Awareness Day

Hosting a pinwheel garden

street outreach


Our Street Outreach team goes out into the community to meet homeless or runaway youth where they are. Outreach staff provides basic needs and resources, builds positive relationships, and encourages youth to connect with available support systems and other community partners.

strong beginnings


Strong Beginnings offers in-home therapy and case management services for pregnant or parenting African American or Latino women with mental health or substance use concerns. Individual and group support is provided, along with coordination of mental health services and psychiatric services.

student leaders initiating change (SLIC)


Student Leaders Initiating Change (SLIC) is a youth coalition in Ottawa County where students’ leadership skills are developed and where they can encourage peers to make decisions that have a positive impact on themselves and the community. We partner with this program to help students succeed, and through the program, there are many ways to get involved.

One way is by joining our SLIC core. The SLIC Core meets on the third Thursday of every month at our Holland office. During these meetings, leadership events and campaigns are planned to discourage high school students from using alcohol or drugs.

Similarly, students are encouraged to join SLIC at their local high school. Many high schools throughout Ottawa County have SLIC or Students Against Drunk Drivers (SADD). These groups persuade students to make healthy choices. To discover a local SLIC or SADD group, please contact Leah.

Another beneficial program is Raise Your Voice. This teaches middle school and high school students peer refusal skills. Additionally, Just Be Here, acts as a safe social media presence that delivers a positive online voice. Follow @justbeheremi for ways to get involved in Ottawa County.

substance use assessments


We offer complete, low-cost substance use assessments that deliver ongoing treatment recommendations. In addition to drug and alcohol assessments, we offer driver’s license assessments and Alcohol Highway Safety Education.

substance use assessments


We offer complete, low-cost substance use assessments that include ongoing treatment recommendations. In addition to drug and alcohol assessments, we offer driver’s license assessments and Alcohol Highway Safety Education.


the bridge


The Bridge of Arbor Circle is a safe shelter program for youth, ages 10-17, who are facing homelessness or considering running away. In the middle of crisis, The Bridge offers youth a stable and accessible place to stay. It is located in Grand Rapids and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

the great start to quality western resource center


The Great Start to Quality is Michigan’s quality rating and improvement system for child care providers and preschool programs. Providers complete a self-assessment survey, which assigns them a rating based on a 5-star system. Great Start to Quality then delivers technical assistance, resources, and support to help programs improve. This system also helps parents locate excellent child care programs. To learn more, please visit

Please note that The Great Start to Quality Western Resource Center only serves Lake, Mason, Mecosta, Montcalm, Newaygo, Oceana, Osceola and Ottawa counties.

total trek quest


An afterschool program for boys in grades 3-5, Total Trek Quest combines the physical activity of training for a 5k run with a curriculum that focuses on learning to set goals, building strong relationships, and making healthy choices.

true colors initiative


Everyday, LGBTQ youth face homelessness due to their sexual identity. Nationally, up to 40% of runaway and homeless youth identify as LGBTQ. And locally, there are signs that the number is 20% or more. To address the issue, a diverse group of people joined together with one common goal: to eradicate LGBTQ youth homelessness throughout the country. At Arbor Circle, we’ve chosen to partner with this national organization, the True Colors Fund. The group includes those who work within shelters, local business, libraries, schools, child welfare, juvenile justice groups, and more.

With assistance from the True Colors Fund, we remain dedicated to the cause of ending homelessness among LGBTQ youth in West Michigan. As a convening agency, we partner with committees comprised of other local organizations as well. The Safe Impact Community Group and Steering Committee work alongside the True Colors Fund to develop a strategic plan for the city of Grand Rapids. The Safe Impact Community Group is made up of 5 subcommittees with a focus on the following areas: equity, inclusion and training, faith, family preservation, housing, and schools and community spaces. Their mission and vision are as follows:

Mission: To ensure a continuum of inclusive and equitable support and services for LGBTQ homeless youth in an affirming community by strengthening existing and building new relationships and resources.

Vision: To ensure all LGBTQ youth in West Michigan live in a safe, secure community.

Organizations involved: ADD Health Net of West Michigan, The Salvation Army, 3:11, All Souls Community Church, The Clark Institute, Community Rebuilders, Family Promise, Grand Rapids Pride Center, Grand Rapids Trans Foundation, Grand Rapids Urban League, Division of Inclusion and Equity – Grand Valley State University, Heart of West Michigan United Way, HQ, Juvenile Detention Center, Mel Trotter Ministries, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Spectrum Health, Well House and Westminster Presbyterian Church

Steering Committee: Shelley Padnos, Jen Adams, Jesse Bernal, Ellen Carpenter, Julie Cnossen, Tracie Coffman, Brian Davis, Scott Gilman, Jennifer Jackson, Joe Jones, Thomas Pierce, Carol Sarosik, Shandra Steininger, Colleen Squires and Jesica Vail

Safe Impact Community Group: Milo Ghering, Jason Skalandis, Christina Soulard, Krystle Williams, Matthew Clark, Heather Colletto, Adrienne Goodstal,Jen Hsu-Bishop, Jeffrey King, Kwan McEwen, Kayla Morgan, Julie Mushing, Mark Nettleton, Ashley Pattee, Demetria Phillips, Mary Jane Pories, Dottie Rhodes, Mark Saint Amour, Misha VanVaerenbergh and Amy Bailey

For more information about the True Colors Fund, visit

For more information on our partnership with the True Colors Fund, please contact Julie Cnossen.

For information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Janelle Hill.


veteran’s services


Solely offered in Newaygo County, Arbor Circle delivers specialized services for veterans. These services are provided by an on-site therapist, who is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Treatment includes individual and group counseling, which address mental health and substance use concerns.




women’s services


Our Women’s Services help women and their families access support and treatment for substance use issues. These in-home services allow parents and children to learn together, while also removing barriers to recovery, such as transportation and other basic needs.

wraparound services


Wraparound services are an innovative way to help a youth transform his or her life with the encouragement of a diverse and engaged support team. Through a collaborative process, wraparound services bring together a variety of system providers (school, court, child welfare, mental health and others) and natural supports for the youth’s family to create a positive plan to move forward.


youth services + programs


Strong relationships are at the core of our youth services. We help youth discover and make the most of their abilities for successful living. Our work includes a variety of services for youth who are runaway, homeless, or otherwise without safe shelter.