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child abuse prevention month

Once again, the month of April is designated Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month in Michigan and across the nation. This month has been set aside each year since 1985 to focus on the importance of families and how we can all work together to build strong childhoods. As in years past, the Ottawa County Stop Child Abuse and Neglect Council is hosting in the Pinwheels for Prevention Campaign. The pinwheel is recognized as the national symbol for child abuse prevention, and represents the happy, carefree childhoods all children deserve. In honor of National Child Abuse Prevention Month, you will find over 60 pinwheel gardens around our community. As in years past, our theme is the Power of One. This is because each pinwheel reminds us that individually we have the power to prevent child maltreatment, and collectively our individual actions create even greater change.

The Ottawa County Stop Child Abuse and Neglect Council is convened by Arbor Circle and includes representatives from a variety of community organizations. As a collaborative, we work together to provide resources and services for families to prevent abuse or neglect before it occurs so every child is raised in a healthy and nurturing home. This month, we will feature stories and services from our partners as we share ways each of us can use our Power of One to prevent child maltreatment. We also have several events you can participate in starting with the Pinwheels for Prevention Kickoff on April 9th.

As we start Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month, please remember each of us has the power to do at least one thing to prevent child abuse and neglect. You can:

  • Be a friend to parents you know. Ask how their children are doing.
  • Volunteer as a mentor for children in your community.
  • Advocate for children and families by contacting your elected officials.
  • Donate your time or money to child-serving organizations.
  • Support the Stop Child Abuse and Neglect Council.

Look for the first pinwheel gardens to start on April 9th.