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safe families for children

Arbor Circle is pleased to highlight our community partner in SCAN in recognition of child abuse awareness month. Safe Families for Children is not a program of Arbor Circle.

“When the doctor told me, ‘We’ve got the results, and you’re positive,’ it took my breath away. I didn’t know how to process it.” – Rena

Rena reached out for help while sitting in the hospital with, what she thought, was liver failure. Her four youngest children were hosted by Safe Families for Children in Ottawa County fully prepared to support Rena during this scary time. A few days later, the call came that Rena had tested positive for COVID-19, becoming the first positive case in Ottawa County.

“When I met with one of the volunteer host families to ask if they would help with one of Rena’s children, they prayed over me and asked for peace over all the uncertainty occurring in our community and around the world. The host family looked at me and said, ‘You know, now is the time. Put me in, coach. This is why we signed up for this.’ That really resonated with me because it’s such an uncertain time in our world right now. If caring for vulnerable families is our calling, this is exactly when we need to step up to the plate and offer our gifts of compassion and hospitality.” – Katie, Ottawa County Safe Families for Children Coordinator

Rena’s story is still being written, but it’s been unbelievable to watch our community wrap around Rena and wrap around our volunteers hosting Rena’s children at this very moment. Diapers have been received through the mail, meals have been dropped off, and encouragement has been widespread. Thank you, from all of us, for stepping up to bless one another.

Click here for more of Rena’s story with Safe Families for Children.