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safe families for children

Arbor Circle is pleased to highlight our community partner in SCAN in recognition of child abuse awareness month. Safe Families for Children is not a program of Arbor Circle.

“I desperately wanted to feel complete again, and I knew exactly what I had to do to make that happen.”

This profound statement of motivation came from a mother of four young children who just placed her children with two volunteer Host Families. Living from place to place with no steady income or food was a scary reality for the parents of these four children. With nowhere else to turn and CPS watching them closely, the decision was made to contact Safe Families for Children. This was a tough decision – it involved temporarily giving up their children, and no parent wants to do that. But these parents knew it was necessary in order to provide better opportunities for their children.

This mother and father needed to dedicate 100% of their time to finding jobs and housing, and they were able to do this because they knew their children were being well cared for in loving homes. Safe Families gives parents in crisis time to get back on their feet by providing volunteer Host Families to ensure that their children are in a safe and loving environment until they return home.

The unique aspect of Safe Families for Children is that both the Family in need and the Host Family participate in the program voluntarily. There is no compensation or expectation of adoption, and this allows for a trust between the two families. One of the main goals of Safe Families is to create a circle of support for families in need. Volunteers work to provide needed resources and services to help families stay together.

After a month of heartache while searching for jobs and housing, the couple was finally ready to bring their children back to them… and now, they would be coming back to their own home.

“I started to feel the life come back inside of me. I knew my kids were coming home and to their own place, their own rooms! Not having to worry about where we would sleep each night!”

Safe Families was able to connect this family with resources that provided them with furniture, clothes, toys, and more.

Without the help of Safe Families, this story could have ended very differently. The volunteer community creates the foundation for success stories like this one. The most difficult step is often being able to ask for help – but lives can truly be changed because of it.

“The Host Families and Safe Families for Children had my kid’s best interest in mind. They always made sure to check in on us, update us on how our kids were doing, offer support and guidance in every possible aspect you can imagine. We could even have visits with our kids, and it was a true life changing time for us. But because of Safe Families my children were safe and stable so we could get stable ourselves, to then bring that stability to our children! Safe Families for Children was the ultimate blessing from above.”