commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion

Arbor Circle is deeply committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our services are rooted in compassion for each individual we serve and each community we share.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Arbor Circle

Striving for Equity

Arbor Circle has many programs that work to address the health and mental health disparities in the communities we serve, intent on creating more equitable outcomes. We are also dedicated to ensuring our employment experience reflects our equity and inclusion goals. In 2023, this work is reflected in our efforts to educate staff and advocate for community members through various internal and external activities, including:

  • Hosted a free community event centering lived-experience with incarceration
  • Provided numerous cultural and equity-focused staff development opportunities
  • Maintained staff workgroups focused on specific disparities in our community
  • Engaged board members in equity-centered decision-making education
  • Launched intern cohort to enhance educational and peer experience
  • Celebrated and commemorated a variety of awareness days and diverse range of holidays through specific trainings and events
  • Held a quarterly Equity Book Club, with books written by diverse authors and/or centered on themes of equity
  • Sponsored and participated in a variety of community events through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion

Equity & Inclusion Council & Employee Resource Groups

Arbor Circle’s Equity and Inclusion Council is comprised of staff at various levels throughout the organization, and provides consultation and feedback to inform organizational decision-making and community-level advocacy. In addition to this group, Arbor Circle has several employee resource groups focused on specific disparities in our community:

  • LEAD (LGBTQ+ Equity, Advocacy & Diversity) provides education, training, advocacy, outreach, and support for 2-SLGBTQIA+ staff, clients, and community. This group is inclusive and open to all staff, both LGBTQ+ and allies.
  • SAJE (Staff Advocates for Equity & Justice) supports the advancement of equity, inclusion, and justice through advocacy efforts and awareness building.
  • SEEDS (Support, Education, Empowerment, Diversity, Strategy) brings together staff of color across the organization for networking, support, professional development, and advocacy to eliminate systemic racism and other forms of oppression.

Staff & Board Development

In 2023, Arbor Circle provided 44 staff development trainings on a variety of clinical and client service topics infused with a focus on equity, inclusion, and cultural intelligence.

In addition, each division maintained their own equity and inclusion plan, providing education and advocacy specific to their needs at the program level.

Our board members also engaged in education on equity-centered decision-making to guide their leadership and recruitment strategies.

Staff & Board Diversity Compared to Clients

Client Race/Ethnicity - 1% Asian, 19% Black/African American, 14% Hispanic/Latinx, 1% Indigenous, 6% Multi-Racial, 6% Other Single Race, 53% White
Staff Race/Ethnicity - 3% Asian, 11% Black/African American, 7% Hispanic/Latinx, 1% Indigenous, 3% Multi-Racial, 75% White
Board of Directors Race/Ethnicity - 7% Asian, 36% Black/African American, 7% Hispanic/Latinx, 50% White

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