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Muskegon Parents’ Initiative

Muskegon Parents’ Initiative is a coalition in Muskegon County working to increase parent education resources and to support parents in knowing they are not alone and that support is available to build strong families.

Goals of the initiative:

1. To connect and increase parenting resources for families in Muskegon County and prevent duplication.
2. To create a culture of acceptance and support for parenting education throughout Muskegon County.
3. To engage community members to be a resource and connection for families in their own neighborhoods.

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Local Resources

Trusted Messenger – Human Services Professionals
Trusted Messenger – Community Members
Parenting Skills Classes
In Home Parenting Support
Parent Support Groups
Support for parents who have lost a child
Groups for Foster and Adoptive Parents
MyAlliance Events Calendar


Free Parenting Tips

Click here or text THRIVE to 274448 for free tips, activities, and resources for parents and caregivers of children prenatal to age 8.

We are partnering with Bright by Text to send you regular and valuable messages by text! Parents and ANYONE who cares for a child can receive free text messages with easy, practical tips and activities right to your cell phone. Content comes from trusted partners like PBS and Sesame Street. Tips are targeted to your child’s age and include information on development, language and early literacy, health and safety, behavioral tips, and more.

I feel especially good about the work I do each day and having the ability to give back to someone in need.

Arbor Circle has always embraced a diverse workforce, and I love how each individual is accepted and appreciated right where they are in their personal and professional journey.

The support and encouragement from my colleagues and supervisors has been tremendous.This is truly appreciated in our line of work.

Arbor Circle’s greatest strength lies with their incredibly passionate people, and the dynamic relationships shared with clients and co-workers alike. I’m grateful every day for the people I work with, especially for the support we’re able to offer to our clients and to each other.

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