Women’s Re-Entry Services

Arbor Circle provides comprehensive treatment services to incarcerated women or those re-entering the community from the Allegan County Correctional Facility. We recognize the unique challenges that women face when coping with co-occurring substance use and mental health issues, and we strive to deliver tailored interventions that promote healing, recovery, and balance. Our dedicated team offers a continuum of services designed to address these complex concerns, emphasizing the importance of mental health alongside recovery from substance use.

Building Strong Foundations: Addressing Essential Needs for Re-Entry

Transitioning back into the community can present numerous challenges, especially in securing employment, housing, and fulfilling other basic needs. Arbor Circle’s Women’s Re-Entry Services goes beyond typical treatment services, assisting these women in securing a stable living environment, finding gainful employment, and meeting other fundamental needs. We believe that attending to these crucial aspects of life is vital in improving women’s ability to successfully reintegrate into society and maintain long-term recovery.

Our comprehensive Women’s Re-Entry Services include:

  • Substance Use and Mental Health Services: Coordinated and tailored interventions to address co-occurring substance use and mental health issues.
  • Employment Assistance: Guidance and resources to help women secure stable employment.
  • Housing Assistance: Support to help women find and maintain safe and stable housing.
  • Support with Other Basic Needs: Additional services aimed at meeting fundamental needs, improving quality of life, and ensuring successful reintegration into the community.

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