Youth Prevention

In addition to psycho-educational and case management services, Arbor Circle offers specialized support for youth who are working to return to school following a long-term suspension or expulsion. Services are provided during the school day, offering a supportive structure that facilitates their successful reintegration into the academic environment.

Supporting Youth Transition Back to School

At Arbor Circle, we understand the challenges that at-risk youth face and the importance of providing them with supportive resources. Our Youth Prevention program offers psycho-educational group services and case management tailored to these young individuals. We work alongside them, addressing their unique needs, and fostering their capabilities. These services are designed to cultivate resilience, improve life skills, and enhance their ability to navigate challenges.

The components of our Youth Prevention program include:

  • Psycho-educational group services for at-risk youth
  • Comprehensive case management
  • In-school support for youth returning to school after a long-term suspension or expulsion

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