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safe parties for parents

parents: prevent underage drinking

Be aware of factors that may signal a teen’s desire to experiment:

• Significant changes in personality
• Challenges coping with stress or their mental health
• Family history of alcoholism
• Significant changes in friends
• Being secretive
• Activities/ Social transitions that may involve alcohol—proms, homecoming, graduation parties

Provide Supervision when youth are at your house:

• Make sure your youth know your expectations ahead of time.
• Make your presence known. Walk through the area where the youth are gathered and interact with all of them.
• Monitor what is being brought into your home. Check the contents of soda bottles/ glasses, and packages carried in by guests
• Require an RSVP from parents before hosting youth at your home to be sure they know your expectations, details, pick up times, exchange contact information, etc.
• Make expectations and consequences clear to all guests/ party-goers: no alcohol will be provided to minors.  Police will be contacted if minors are found to be in possession of alcohol.

keep your parties safe! know the law. set expectations.

Did you know that you can be legally held responsible if minors are caught drinking alcohol on your property, regardless of who provided the alcohol? The law assumes that if you own or otherwise control the property, you knew or should have known that minors were drinking on that property. Depending on the investigation, this can include youth drinking at your house or apartment even if you are not home.

A social gathering isn’t always a large party—in fact, it can be as few as two people!

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