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safe parties for young adults

young adults: ways to host a safe party

Alcohol & Drugs:

• Monitor your alcohol. You paid for it. You don’t have to give it away.
• Don’t allow drugs. Drugs and alcohol don’t mix.
• It’s okay to cut people off. Cutting people off before they are too drunk is a way to make sure everyone has a safe and fun time at your party. It also helps make sure everyone gets home okay. 33 Clues of Intoxication
• It’s okay to say NO. You can always say no. No matter what.
• Enlist sober designees. They can help make sure the party doesn’t get out of control. They can help monitor the alcohol, and they can drive your friend home if they need a ride.
• Call for help if needed.
• Serving size and alcohol volume matters.
• Blacking out isn’t always obvious.
• Getting sick is the first sign of alcohol poisoning.
• Understanding healthy drinking and how to calculate your Blood Alcohol Level is important in hosting a safe party.
• Do not supply alcohol to minors: it’s against the law.

Party Location:

• Keep it small. Consider having only one entrance and exit to your party. This will make it easier to control who attends and what is brought in.
• Your house, your responsibility. You are responsible for what happens in your home.

Party Attendees:

• Don’t post your party online. Make sure your event is invitation only.  Avoid using social media to announce your event to prevent uninvited guests. If you do post online, make sure the security settings are turned on to private.
• Know your guests. If there will be a large number of guests, or if you don’t know all of the attendees, use wristbands or other methods to clearly identify minors.  Enlist friends or family members to help monitor the party.
• Say no to strangers. If you don’t know the person, you don’t have to let them into your house.
• Know their age. Don’t provide alcohol to minors.
• Don’t let them inside if you don’t want them at your house outside. If they are already drunk and obnoxious, have your sober designee help someone already intoxicated find a safe ride home.
• Slow down. You have all night. Blacking out will end the party quickly.
• Stay with friends.

Follow CDC guidelines for guest limits and social distancing during COVID-19.

keep your parties safe! know the law. set expectations.

Did you know that you can be legally held responsible if minors are caught drinking alcohol on your property, regardless of who provided the alcohol? The law assumes that if you own or otherwise control the property, you knew or should have known that minors were drinking on that property. Depending on the investigation, this can include youth drinking at your house or apartment even if you are not home.

A social gathering isn’t always a large party—in fact, it can be as few as two people!

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