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We work with a variety of coalitions and community partners in order to best serve those in need. Our Prevention and Advocacy team increases awareness of issues surrounding mental health, substance use, and family services by regularly presenting to professionals and community groups.



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Grand Rapids, MI 49505
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232 East 82nd St.
Newaygo, MI 49337


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412 Century Lane
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stop child abuse and neglect (SCAN)

Stop Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) is a community-based effort to prevent child abuse and neglect in Ottawa County through the Michigan Children’s Trust Fund. SCAN coordinates child abuse prevention efforts to ensure we work together as a community to protect children. Our team at Arbor Circle partners with SCAN to raise awareness of child abuse and advocate for children who are at risk of abuse or neglect. Below are some resources to help educate and advocate in our community.

Child Abuse Prevention Month

Virtual pinwheel garden
Appreciate your child calendar
Pinwheel coloring sheet
Create your own Pinwheel

Community Resources

Stress & early brain development
Children’s’ Trust Fund (CTF): Protective factors
What makes your family strong: Protective factors
Thrive Ottawa: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) & how Ottawa County is addressing them

Professional Resources

ACEs/Resilience Padlet

ottawa substance use prevention (OSAP)

Arbor Circle coordinates the Ottawa Substance Use Prevention (OSAP), which works to create change regarding youth substance use in Ottawa County. OSAP consists of community members, human service professionals, businesses, law enforcement, government officials, schools and school personnel who are working together to create change regarding youth substance use. The coalition has a number of initiatives, subcommittees and task forces. Visit the OSAP webpage to learn more.


newaygo prevention services

Our Newaygo team works with local elementary, middle and high schools to offer prevention education to students.  We offer a variety of programming designed to help students respond to interpersonal difficulties and honor themselves. Our programs are evidence based and focus on improving students’ skills to empower them to make healthy choices. After participating in the programs, youth have shown improvements in their communication skills and behaviors, increase their self-awareness, establish positive relationships, understand personal and social responsibility, and decrease self-destructive behaviors.

The curricula we use in Newaygo includes the Botvin’s Life Skills Training and Prime For Life. To request a program in your school contact us.

Total Trek Quest is offered in select Newaygo schools.

student leaders initiating change (SLIC)

Student Leaders Initiating Change (SLIC) is a youth coalition in Ottawa County where students’ leadership skills are developed and where they can encourage peers to make decisions that have a positive impact on themselves and the community. We partner with this program to help students succeed, and through the program, there are many ways to get involved.

One way is by joining our SLIC core. The SLIC Core meets on the third Thursday of every month at our Holland office. During these meetings, leadership events and campaigns are planned to discourage high school students from using alcohol or drugs.

Similarly, students are encouraged to join SLIC at their local high school. Many high schools throughout Ottawa County have SLIC or Students Against Drunk Drivers (SADD). These groups persuade students to make healthy choices. To discover a local SLIC or SADD group, please contact Brandon.

Another beneficial program is Raise Your Voice. This teaches middle school and high school students peer refusal skills.

true colors initiative

Everyday, LGBTQ youth face homelessness due to their sexual identity. Nationally, up to 40% of runaway and homeless youth identify as LGBTQ. And locally, there are signs that the number is 20% or more. To address the issue, a diverse group of people joined together with one common goal: to eradicate LGBTQ youth homelessness throughout the country. At Arbor Circle, we’ve chosen to partner with this national organization, the True Colors Fund. The group includes those who work within shelters, local business, libraries, schools, child welfare, juvenile justice groups, and more.

With assistance from the True Colors Fund, we remain dedicated to the cause of ending homelessness among LGBTQ youth in West Michigan. As a convening agency, we partner with committees comprised of other local organizations as well. The Safe Impact Community Group and Steering Committee work alongside the True Colors Fund to develop a strategic plan for the city of Grand Rapids. The Safe Impact Community Group is made up of 5 subcommittees with a focus on the following areas: equity, inclusion and training, faith, family preservation, housing, and schools and community spaces. Their mission and vision are as follows:

Mission: To ensure a continuum of inclusive and equitable support and services for LGBTQ homeless youth in an affirming community by strengthening existing and building new relationships and resources.

Vision: To ensure all LGBTQ youth in West Michigan live in a safe, secure community.

Organizations involved: ADD Health Net of West Michigan, The Salvation Army, 3:11, All Souls Community Church, The Clark Institute, Community Rebuilders, Family Promise, Grand Rapids Pride Center, Grand Rapids Trans Foundation, Grand Rapids Urban League, Division of Inclusion and Equity – Grand Valley State University, Heart of West Michigan United Way, HQ, Juvenile Detention Center, Mel Trotter Ministries, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Spectrum Health, Well House and Westminster Presbyterian Church

Steering Committee: Shelley Padnos, Jen Adams, Jesse Bernal, Ellen Carpenter, Julie Cnossen, Tracie Coffman, Brian Davis, Scott Gilman, Jennifer Jackson, Joe Jones, Thomas Pierce, Carol Sarosik, Shandra Steininger, Colleen Squires and Jesica Vail

Safe Impact Community Group: Milo Ghering, Jason Skalandis, Christina Soulard, Krystle Williams, Matthew Clark, Heather Colletto, Adrienne Goodstal,Jen Hsu-Bishop, Jeffrey King, Kwan McEwen, Kayla Morgan, Julie Mushing, Mark Nettleton, Ashley Pattee, Demetria Phillips, Mary Jane Pories, Dottie Rhodes, Mark Saint Amour, Misha VanVaerenbergh and Amy Bailey

For more information about the True Colors Fund, visit truecolorsfund.org.

For more information on our partnership with the True Colors Fund, please contact Julie Cnossen.

For information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact Janelle Hill.

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