Intensive Outpatient Services (IOP)

For individuals grappling with moderate to severe diagnosis of problems with substance use, Arbor Circle offers a dynamic solution through our Intensive Outpatient (IOP) treatment. This approach is designed specifically for those who have struggled to reduce or stop their substance use through previous attempts. IOP bridges the gap between traditional outpatient models and residential treatment, providing a heightened level of support and structure for those in need.

Accessible and Affirming

Understanding the various commitments and constraints our clients might have, we’ve ensured our IOP services are accessible and affirming.

The Intensive Outpatient Services we provide include:

  • Treatment tailored for moderate to severe substance use issues
  • A comprehensive approach for those who have not been successful with traditional outpatient models
  • Flexible scheduling with sessions available in the morning and early evening

Looking for help?

Visit our Find Help page or call us at 616-456-6571.

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