Street Outreach

Arbor Circle’s Street Outreach services are designed to reach youth and young adults experiencing homelessness right where they are. We recognize the challenges they face and strive to provide immediate assistance while building lasting relationships. We aim to be more than just a momentary solution – our goal is to be a constant source of support and care.

To learn more about Arbor Circle’s Street Outreach Program, please contact us via email.

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Strengthening Connections with Community and Support Systems

In addition to meeting immediate needs, our dedicated outreach team actively encourages youth to connect with available support systems and other community partners. We understand that the journey towards stability and safety is not a path to be walked alone. Thus, we continually work on facilitating access to resources and fostering a network of care. By strengthening these connections, we hope to equip these young individuals with a wider support system that can aid them in overcoming adversity and working towards their goals.

Our Street Outreach Services include:

  • Street-Based Outreach: Our team provides mobile and place-based support to connect directly with youth experiencing homelessness and provide immediate assistance.
  • Basic Needs Support: We ensure that youth have access to essentials, including food, clothing, and hygiene products.
  • Crisis Intervention: We are prepared to provide immediate support in crisis situations, assisting youth in navigating challenges and making safe decisions.
  • Education: We provide education on available resources, rights, and options to help youth make informed decisions about their situations.
  • Community Connection: We actively encourage and facilitate connections with community partners and other support systems, strengthening the network of care for these young individuals.

Our Street Outreach Specialists

You can find Artemis and Nikki out in the community or at one of their regularly scheduled locations.

Nikki Turek

Nikki Turek, Street Outreach Specialist

My name is Nikki Turek (she/her) and I am a Street Outreach Specialist with the Street Outreach Program at Arbor Circle. I went to Michigan State University to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Humanities, and I am currently a student at Western Michigan University pursuing my Masters in Social Work.

One of the aspects I enjoy about working in Street Outreach is being able to connect with young people and build strong relationships to support them in whatever difficult situation they are navigating.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with loved ones playing board games, watching movies, and cooking together. I also spend a lot of time hiking and being in nature.

Artemis Tally

Artemis Tally, Street Outreach Specialist

My name is Artemis Tally (they/them) and I am a Street Outreach Specialist with the Street Outreach Program at Arbor Circle. Since graduating from Grand Valley State University in 2019, I have worked in the social work field in various organizations.

My favorite part about my position with Street Outreach is that I’m helping young people achieve their goals and collaborating with community partners to ensure youth get the care they deserve.

In my free time, I will probably be either going down vast YouTube rabbit holes or watching the latest series on Netflix. I also enjoy writing and spending quality time with friends.

Looking for help?

Visit our Get Help page or call our 24/7 youth crisis line at 616-451-3001.

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