specialized services: pregnant & parenting

Arbor Circle provides a variety of specialized services for pregnant and parenting people with substance use concerns and children in the child welfare system. Our staff guide families to discover new strengths, establish support networks, and connect with community services. Pregnant and parenting people are a priority for admission to treatment services.

Pregnancy and Parenting Specialized Services - Arbor Circle

removing barriers to recovery

Arbor Circle’s specialized services are designed to help parents and their families access support and treatment for substance use and mental health issues while removing barriers to recovery, such as transportation and other basic needs.

These services are offered through a variety of programs across Kent, Allegan, and Muskegon counties.

our pregnant & parenting services may include:

  • Parenting skill-building
  • In-home peer recovery support
  • Case management services
  • Structured parent and children groups
  • Counseling services for pregnant women or parents with mental health or substance use concerns
  • Counseling and connection to resources for families that are at risk of child abuse or neglect
  • Referrals to additional community services

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