Strong Beginnings

Arbor Circle’s Strong Beginnings program is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Black and Latinx parents and their babies, from pregnancy through early childhood. By focusing on the unique needs of these communities, Strong Beginnings seeks to promote racial equity and eliminate disparities in birth outcomes in Kent County.

Promoting Racial Equity and Well-Being with Strong Beginnings

Understanding the importance of a strong foundation for both parents and children, Arbor Circle’s Strong Beginnings program offers a wide array of support services tailored to the specific needs of Black and Latinx families. Our dedicated team works closely with each family to provide compassionate and culturally sensitive care, empowering parents to foster nurturing environments for their children’s growth and development.

Services provided by our strong beginnings program include

  • Individual and group therapy services for Black and Latinx parents and their babies
  • A focus on promoting racial equity and eliminating disparities in birth outcomes in Kent County
  • Coordination of mental health services to address various emotional and psychological needs
  • Support for substance use concerns, ensuring access to appropriate resources and care
  • Psychiatric services to promote comprehensive well-being for families from pregnancy through early childhood

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