Great Start To Quality Western Resource Center

Funded through the Michigan Department of Education, Great Start is Michigan’s dedicated quality rating and improvement system aimed at enhancing childcare providers and preschool programs across the state. This comprehensive program allows providers to conduct a self-assessment survey, which in turn assigns them a rating based on a robust 5-star system. This unique approach gives providers an opportunity to understand their strengths and identify areas for growth, contributing to the overall enhancement of early childhood education in our communities.

GSQ Western Resource Center

A Supportive Framework for Continuous Improvement and Quality Care

Great Start not only evaluates the quality of childcare and preschool programs but also provides critical technical assistance, resources, and support to help providers and programs continuously improve. By ensuring that every early childhood professional has access to these comprehensive services, we are fostering a supportive ecosystem where quality education and care are the norm.

Specific offerings of the Great Start initiative include:

  • A self-assessment survey for providers to evaluate their service delivery
  • Technical assistance to help providers improve their services and attain higher ratings
  • Resources and support to ensure continual growth and development of childcare providers and preschool programs

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