Sobriety Treatment Court

The Sobriety Treatment Court at Arbor Circle is an innovative program that balances accountability and rehabilitation for individuals convicted of certain drunk driving offenses. We understand the struggles that come with substance use and how they can lead to legal problems. With our team of dedicated professionals, we provide an array of services to not only address the legal consequences of substance use, but also to facilitate a meaningful recovery journey for each participant. This program is available in Allegan and Muskegon County.

Promoting Accountability and Rehabilitation

Our Sobriety Treatment Court program is uniquely designed to promote both sobriety and the potential for restoration of driving privileges. Eligible individuals can obtain a restricted driver’s license after admittance into sobriety court, providing an opportunity to maintain employment and family obligations while ensuring public safety. Our team provides counseling, coordination, and drug testing to support individuals throughout their recovery process.

Services Include:

  • Counseling: Therapeutic support to help individuals address substance use and related issues
  • Coordination: Facilitation of necessary services, case management, and legal proceedings
  • Drug Testing: Regular testing to ensure sobriety and compliance with court orders

Looking for help?

Visit our Find Help page or call us at 616-456-6571.

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