Outpatient Substance Use Counseling For Kent County Veterans

Arbor Circle has a tailored outpatient substance use counseling program specifically for Kent County veterans. Through a combination of assessments, group, and individual services, our team of specialists leverages evidence-based treatment modalities to guide our veterans towards recovery. This service is co-located at Kent County Veterans Services.

Tailored Services at Kent County Veterans Services Location

We’ve designed our services to be as accessible and convenient as possible for our veterans. Services are co-located at the Kent County Veterans Services location on 836 Fuller Ave NE, Grand Rapids MI 49503. Our programs aim to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to treatment, using scientifically-backed methods that can effectively help our veterans manage and overcome substance use issues. This service is fully funded by Kent County Veterans Services.

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Services Include:

  • Personalized assessment services to understand each veteran’s unique circumstances and needs
  • Group counseling sessions, fostering peer support and shared understanding
  • Individual counseling services, offering one-on-one support and personalized treatment plans

Looking for help?

Visit our Find Help page or call us at 616-456-6571.

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