School-Based Mental Health Services

Arbor Circle provides a variety of clinical services out of various school settings to respond to the mental health needs of students. Services range from weekly groups and presentations to full-time, on-site comprehensive mental health services provided by a licensed mental health professional.

How it works

Services may be delivered virtually or in a hybrid format, and are designed to increase:

  • Attendance/achievement in school
  • Access to mental health services for children and families
  • Parent and community engagement

Costs are associated with some of the services listed above. Email us to learn more.

Arbor circle can provide

  • Groups for students/parents covering general wellness, specific mental health topics, and/or adolescent developmental skills.
  • Individual/Family therapy and support
  • Referrals to additional services made by school staff in collaboration with parents
  • Pre-K services
  • Supports for older youth without safe and stable housing
  • Training and support for school staff

Looking for help?

Visit our Find Help page or call us at 616-456-6571.

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