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Reducing Ottawa Area Drunk Driving Taskforce (ROADD)

ROADD is a subcommittee of the OSAP Coalition. Our mission is to address the harm due to high-risk alcohol use and impaired driving. We do this through addressing youth access to alcohol, impaired driving, and high risk drinking by young adults.

ROADD includes membership from our local universities, Arbor Circle, the Ottawa County Department of Public Health, and most local law enforcement agencies in Ottawa County. ROADD meets on the 4th Wednesday of every month and rotates locations.

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Caught driving impaired or need help for an addiction?

Visit mirecovery to find local treatment options

Safe Parties

Our Safe Parties initiative helps parents and young adults with ideas and tips for how to prevent underage drinking and reduce risk and liability when hosting a party.

ROADD Community Resources


What I liked most about Arbor Circle is that when I was in need most they were there for me, and helped me stay warm throughout the night when I barely knew them.

We’ve found something wonderful in sharing our lives with foster kids, and we are so glad that Arbor Circle has been there to guide us through it all.

I love that I can be honest and open with every difficult situation I face and receive positive feedback. I always feel welcome and comfortable. My recovery process has been so much easier with the help I receive here.

I like that this program gives me room to grow and learn as a parent and be therapeutic for my child.

The therapists and counselors at Arbor Circle have done an outstanding job at helping me stay focused and actively involved in my recovery.

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