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ottawa county stop child abuse and neglect council (scan)

The Ottawa County Stop Child Abuse and Neglect (SCAN) Council is a community-based effort to prevent child abuse and neglect in Ottawa County. SCAN helps to coordinate child abuse prevention efforts to ensure we are working together as a community to protect children. Our team at Arbor Circle partners with SCAN to raise awareness of child abuse and advocate for children who are at risk of abuse or neglect.

Our partners in prevention are: The Children’s Advocacy Center, The Ottawa County Health Department of Public Health, Resilience, Ottawa County Department of Health and Human Services, Help Me Grow, The Ottawa Area Intermediate School District, Ottawa County Community Mental Health, Bethany Christian Services, Movement West Michigan, City of Holland Police Department, and Arbor Circle.

april is child abuse prevention month

The pinwheel represents the happy, carefree childhood all children deserve. In honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month, you’ll find pinwheel gardens around our community throughout the month of April. Below are several Child Abuse Prevention Month resources.

Virtual pinwheel garden
Appreciate your child calendar
Pinwheel coloring sheet
Child Abuse Prevention Month Kickoff Event

period of purple crying

The Letters in PURPLE Stand for: Peak of crying, Unexpected, Resists Soothing, Pain-like face, Long lasting, Evening. Your baby may cry more each week, the most in month 2, then less in months 3-5. Crying can come and go and you don't know why. Your baby may not stop crying no matter what you try. A crying baby may look like they are in pain, even when they are not. Crying can last as much as 5 hours a day, or more. Your baby may cry more in the late afternoon and evening. The word Period means that the crying has a beginning and an end.

safe sleep

All babies cry, but some cry more than others. Below are some important tips on crying, soothing, and safe sleep for baby. I can dance with baby, walk with baby, and talk to baby to try to soothe them. I can try a warm bath. If I am frustrated, it's okay to put baby down in their crib, on their back, and walk away to calm down. Then come back and try other soothing methods again. I can remind myself that this period of crying, which usually starts at 6 weeks of age and peaks at 4-5 months, will come to an end. I will put baby in a crib or bassinet alone, on their back. I know I can room share, but not bed share with baby.

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What I liked most about Arbor Circle is that when I was in need most they were there for me, and helped me stay warm throughout the night when I barely knew them.

We’ve found something wonderful in sharing our lives with foster kids, and we are so glad that Arbor Circle has been there to guide us through it all.

I love that I can be honest and open with every difficult situation I face and receive positive feedback. I always feel welcome and comfortable. My recovery process has been so much easier with the help I receive here.

I like that this program gives me room to grow and learn as a parent and be therapeutic for my child.

The therapists and counselors at Arbor Circle have done an outstanding job at helping me stay focused and actively involved in my recovery.

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