safe prom

Join us in creating a safer prom experience for all students through Safe Prom! With a primary focus on preventing underage drinking and drug use, Safe Prom aims to promote a culture of responsible celebration within schools and communities. Together, we can make an impact and ensure that prom season is remembered for its joyous moments, not its dangers. Join Safe Prom today and help us celebrate responsibly!

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tips to safely celebrate prom

Before the day of prom…

  • Share your expectations for your teen
  • Connect with the parents of your teen’s friends
  • Remind your teen not to drive with anyone impaired by substances
  • Inform your teen about sharing inappropriate pictures (illegal behavior can affect college)

If your teen celebrates with a limo…

  • Talk with the driver and ask them to refrain from stops
  • Inspect the limo or car before they leave
  • Offer your cell phone number to the driver
  • Ask the driver for their contact information

Tips to safely celebrate your high school grad

Before the grad parties begin…

  • Talk with your grad about keeping events substance-free
  • Share that underage substance use can result in injuries and overdoses

Explain that substance use can…

  • Decrease inhibitions and memory
  • Affect decision-making skills, increasing the risk for driving or riding with someone under the influence
  • Increase aggression in some people, and may lead to verbal abuse or physical fights