Osap community & partner resources

Explore resources designed to support community members, organizations, and partners in addressing and preventing substance abuse in Ottawa County. Available resources include educational materials, local support services, and opportunities for involvement in substance abuse prevention initiatives.

By empowering individuals and organizations with the necessary tools and knowledge, we can collectively make a difference in the lives of those affected by substance abuse in our community.

OSAP Educator Resources

  • Middle School Mental Health Skills Videos
  • High School Mental Health Skills Videos
  • Drug Risk Teaching Toolkit: Email us for access to the new Google Classroom!
  • Raise Your Voice: A program training high school youth to teach peer refusal skills to middle school students. Email us to bring this program to your school!
  • Life Skills Training: A 7 week program teaching 11th & 12th grade students the life skills they’ll need as they leave high school. Contact us to schedule a series.
  • Presentations & Lunch Tables: We offer presentations and lunch tables to help educate your students on healthy choices, mental wellness, and the risk of using alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. Email us to learn more.

OSAP Truth Spotlights